Owner SteveAgus
Status offline
Players 0/0
Version 1.16
Rank 34
Votes 1
Uptime -100%
Last Check 48 second(s) ago
Country United States
Types TownyEconomyPvESpigot

Welcome to the brand new server of Townycraft! We're a towny community wich is wanting to form a community, our server revolves around town/nation creation as well as a stable economy, we are currently looking for staff as well as new players to help make the server a great place.
This server uses the version 1.16.5, take this in consideration when joining, and please do not ask for moderator, you can apply for it in the discord via a Google form, thanks for joining through this website and we hope to see you there!
As for the applications, they will be closed sometime in the future, but right now you can access them through our discrd server which is in the server's spawn, if you pass it, you will become a Trial Moderator and get some commands (don't expect every single command), and if you just want to join in as a regular user, you're more than welcome to join the community, thank you for your support, and remember that you can create towns.