Minecraft PvE Servers List

Known as ‘Player vs. Environment’ this game mode is mainly to combat against monsters, animals and sometimes some custom coded variables on the map, which are obviously trying to kill you.

Take a look below at all the currently available Minecraft PvE servers, which are actively online, have great uptime and also a bunch of other features you’ll benefit from.

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 DefectGamings AUS Pixelmon


Now with Claims, Dex Rewards and much more!

0/99 online
2 MythicHaven


Come visit us and start you Towny journey today!

7/60 online
3 Townycraft

0/40 online
4 Lost Lands


Welcome to Lost Lands, the survival experience you've been searching for! Come join today and see for yourself.

0/0 offline
5 Novacraft OP Factions

0/0 offline
6 Minestria - Custom SMP [Realms] [Surviva


Minestria.com is a city styled SMP with a new custom concept which i have been developing for the past two months. Minestria focuses alot around vanilla gameplay with some interesting twists and mechanics. Here are some of the features we have implemented.

0/1 online
7 Spurcia


Spurcia is a new server designed to feel relaxing. Towny, Mcmmo Dynmap, Jobs, PlayerWarps, Chestshop, and DiscordSRV. QOL features: enchantments, double doors, fast leaf decay, heads, graves, armorstands/paintings

2/50 online
8 Zombiecraft


Zombiecraft is a Minecraft server that offers a unique zombie apocalypse survival experience. If you like zombies, you're at the right place.

0/30 online