Owner Alpha-Squadron
Status offline
Players 0/0
Version 1.16
Rank 13
Votes 27
Uptime -100%
Last Check 2 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types AnarchyVanilla Minecraft the way it's meant to be played, Free speech
Semi Anarchy - No cheating
Full Vanilla
No funny buisness
Epic community.
Pure Vanilla

Founded 5/16/21 Do what you want on this server it's purely meant for your enjoyment, it's going to be hosted for a very long time and I want people to grow the community your free speech is protected aslong as you dont do or post anything illegal, There's no way to get banned unless your a confirmed cheater. And even then your ban is democratically done. Grieving is allowed so is everything including insulting the admin or being a dumby. Enjoy minecraft how notch intended. Without restrictions and a true sandbox, get the survival experience fighting players constantly and trying to build something great, and make sure to enjoy your self and have fun.

Alpha-squadron and SoiledCold are both dedicated to seeing the best player experience for our community, and make sure to join the discord and submit motds! Good luck and have fun!

Also, Typing this long description was painful btw