Owner isyesbecause
Status offline
Players 0/0
Version 1.12.2
Rank 17
Votes 6
Uptime -100%
Last Check 5 minute(s) ago
Country Belgium
Types AnarchySurvival

Anarchx has absolutely NO ANTICHEAT AT ALL AND NO RULES and allows anything. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to ever get banned in here. AnarchX also has plugins against the famous Log4j exploit and therefore very secure. This server is not advised for people under 13 as it's an anarchy server which may contain swearing and adult content at times. You can hack, grief, exploit and even use lag machines. We will never ban anyone. However spamming in the chat can lead to a temporary mute (NOT BAN) generally between 30 minutes to a day. The server will never reset. The map is pretty new so better get in while there's a spawn to grief!
Since we do not have an Anticheat you can fly at insane speeds and use your hacked client to its full extent! As for lag machines they can and will be removed with world edit tools but no one will receive any punishment ever! If a lag machine manages to shut down the server whoever built that machine can be muted from chat for up to 45 minutes. We also don't have any Anti-Dupe plugins so any dupe that works on 1.12.2 vanilla paper will work perfectly fine in here. There are quite a few reasons AnarchX is on 1.12.2 even though it could easily handle 1.18. The first one being that most hacked clients like rusherhack are developed specifically for 1.12.2 because that is the version that the big anarchy servers such as 2b2t use.
The second reason is that while the server CAN handle 1.18, 1.12.2 is by far the best version for performance that is at least somewhat recent and playable.
In conclusion there are absolutely NO RULES and NO ANTICHEAT at all and anything is allowed. Hope you guys all enjoy my server! : )